Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Night it UP!

hellllllo (: so last Friday and saturday, i went to an event called "Night it up". It was originally called the night market but i guess they had issues with that name so they changed it D: but honestly i think night market sounds soo much better than Night it up <--haha i think that name is UBERRRR cheesy ><;; but yah anyways... It was fun....ish? SOOO MANY PEOPLE! you cant even walk without being was like China all over again T_T wait it was! LOL cuz 99.9% of the people there were chinese or asian XD So what can you do at the nightmarket? YOU EAT! There's "stinky tofu" and basically its tofu that is super smelly but apparently tastes good....i didnt think it tasted amazing but =/ maybe its just me. I feel like this whole summer all i did was eat T_T soo much for losing weight XD and there are also stuff you can buy and its supposed to be cheaper than stores...and i guess it was.....but i didnt get anything, i am BROKE! D: hehe but it was fun, met a lot of new people OHH AND! last wednesday i went Bubble tea-ing with my girlies. Everything was fine until after, these stupid guys were being asses and made whistling sounds. ARRRG I HATE THOSE KINDS OF PEOPLE! they are SO RUDE! Seriosuly! Get a life! But i have to say, i was scared i thought they were going to appoarch us so i was hardcore running LMFAO! not good with those things....i feel uncomfortable when people look at me ><;; i think its cuz i am VERY SELF CONSCIOUS and i lack self-eestem....its probably because of what happened during my childhood D: *sigh* anyways...i think from now on i need to take some self-eestem classes cuz this stupid psycholoical problem is really getting to me! HOHO now for pics pics pics ^o^ BBT Pics♥ PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Night it UP pics
Smelly tofu hehe


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