Monday, August 30, 2010


I dont know about you guys but i go to school...and ill be going to college this year! yay? I dont know if i should be saying "yay" or "nay" beacause i know for sure that ill miss highschool and FOR SURE FOR SURE college will be 10x harder D: just talking about it i want to cry! *sigh* and not to mention i dont know anyone thats going to my college or my program....and for those who are wondering what i am going into, its actually nursing......yes i know me a ya =.=" i get that a lot BUT i will try my best and if it doesnt work than ill just live off of youtube videos XD just keeding, if it doesnt work ill either be a stewardess or police? i dont know....i would liek to be a stewardess except im not tall enough and i think im too fat XD

Well i hope everyone will have a fantastic school year! (:

btw! i made a video for back to school hair!


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