Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shopping & Going Away Announcement!

SOOOO i havent posted for quiet some time, thats cuz i was busy...not LOL im just really lazy ><;; sorry! this week was fun! I went DT and bought some stuff EVEN THOUGH i told myself i wasnt going to buy anything D: i need to control myself D: but if you want to know what i got, look at the post above this! cuz i made a HAUL VIDEO =D i also made an OOTD video too soo do check that out too! I LOVE YOU GUYS♥♥ okay so back to my life, after shopping my friends and i went to the WORST SPRINGROLL ever! it tasted really bad and the service was HORRIBLE! D: wasted my money thats for sure! so to make up for the bad food we decided to go to Korean Town (k-town) to sing some Karaoke! and it was around 9-10 ish ....heheh BUT! if you know'd know that I LOVE TO SING K! I LOVEEEEEE KARAOKE! If you want me to go out, just say that your going to sing k and ill go hahah XD it was really fun, i think my korean is pretty good now XD but i still need to practice more!! heheheh

OKAY SO FROM THE TITLE, you'd know that i'll be going away. I will be gone from JULY 20th-August 20th.....or so! because yours truly will be going on vacation! (: but i can't tell you where im going cuz thats a little secret! This means that i can't make videos D: BUT WORRY NOT! AS SOON AS I GET BACK! ILL BE A LOTTTTT! (:♥♥

soo without further adu, here are some pics from Singing k :D


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